Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thirty-One Days Encounting... Day Four...

Day Four

Today, I've stayed at home... nothing much to say coz today was very very very very bored... I only play facebook since morning to afternoon to evening to night.. today was so bored, I dozed off while watching a movie with Aman... I need to do something, I need to be occupied... I'm better doing something rather than doing nothing... tomorrow, I need to continue my routine for the past three days, walking to UMT and doing my work there... and I'm officially declaring that starting from tomorrow, I will do my postponed works and later study for my finals... hopefully, I'm up to my words...

Btw, yesterday was a bit hectic... a bit busy settling stuffs (paying bills, visit the graduate studies office)... I got my new resolution, someday, when I'm ready, I will donate blood... inspired by Aman coz yesterday Aman when to donate blood... I was chickening out coz I hate needles and harming myself... my self-preservation is on top of my list... but later and I mean someday, I will do this.. when I'm ready.. haha, one more thing... yesterday late evening was raining and the temperature was chilling... a good time to sleep... zZzZzZz...


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