Wednesday, May 27, 2009


nang aku suka polah title blog dengan tanda seru... ini membuatkan title itu more dramatic than usual... hahaha... today i've decided to publish some quotes that i've extracted from movies and dramas... walaupun sik la 100% sama, that is the best that i can do... haha...

the quotes that i've choose below have meanings yang really really mendalam for me so try to understand all of them using your own understanding...

1. Dirty Sexy Money (Season 1, Ep. 4) -tv drama-

" There is a line from my heart through yours to the center of the earth. Both of us will never be apart "
Nick George

" I like looking at stars. Although it felt hot and exploding, I also feel safe and exciting. That is how I feel around you "
Jeremy Darling

2. Fullmetal Alchemist -anime-

" I hope that this rain will wash my despair away "
Edward Elric

3. Leverages (Season 1, Ep. 2) -tv drama-

" The world doesn't work like this, so change the world "
Nathan Ford

4. House (Season 5, Ep. ?) -tv drama-

" You inconvenient me, so I inconvenient you "
Dr. Gregory House

5. Dante's Peak (1997) -movie-

" It is just like riding a bicycle. Once you learn it, you will never forget "
Harry Dalton

6. 90210 (Season 1, Ep. ?) -tv drama-

" Every moments are next to every possible moments as moments are never disconnected "
Annie Wilson

7. Picking Up & Dropping Off (2003) -movie-

" Love doesn't always come on time "

" Love will not always found in between two lines "

8. The Advanture of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005) -movie-

" Dream a better dream and work to make it real "

" When a dream become a reality, a reality become a dream "

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Sorry La Y'all...

Just to keep this short.. I suddenly realize dat I'm starting using a little bit of bahasa malaysia, bahasa sarawak as well as manglish in my post... so sorry la y'all especially for those with limited sarawak vocab and grammer... hahaha... sorry y'all...

dis cannot be avoided as I'm already malas to check my english after typing one... sometimes there are a lot of typo error as well as gramatical and spelling error... sorry for dat... this may offend some of the people out ther but as I said before, dis can't be avoid... sorry y'all...

i will try to make my blog more universal and multi language for all walks of nation to read and enjoy dis nonsense... to VOIR is to SAVOIR... so dats ol.. tata... and one more time, sorry y'all...


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Malam yang suram...!!!

Malam tok sunggoh bosan....!!!!!!!!!

sampe sikda idea mok berblog...
so tiba-tiba terpkir this poem, so enjoy la...

Malam Yang Suram

Tiap senja kegelapan datang mendakap diri yang sepi,
menolak segala biasan cahaya ke tepi,
menutup segala muka dengan hijab dari dahi ke pipi,
malam ini bukan sebarang malam,
malam ini malam yang suram...

Adakah malam ini membawa ketenteraman kehidupan hakiki,
atau diselimut dengan kesejukan salju putih pada hati,
atau kita berasa diri yang didirikan sendiri,
malam ini bukan sebarang malam,
malam ini malam yang suram...

Di saat kita sendiri, kita hilang panduan,
menatap langit memahami buruj mengetahui tujuan,
duduk mencangkung dibasahi air hujan tangisan,
malam ini bukan sebarang malam,
malam ini malam yang suram...

Namun bilaku pandang pada bulan pujangga,
Munculnya keseorangan namun putih bercahaya,
Menimbulkan inspirasi kurniaan Allah Maha Pencipta,
malam ini bukan sebarang malam,
malam ini malam yang suram...

Aku bersyukur pada Ilahi,
membenarkan aku bernafas tiap saat di dunia ini,
agar aku sentiasa melihat dan mengerti,
malam ini bukan sebarang malam,
malam ini malam yang suram...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Many Endings...!!!

Sik abis-abis dengan ending ya, ending tok... nang our life full with endings and with every endings will have a new beginning... i'm not going to 'yabayabayaba' on my ending as a student anymore... enuf is enuf... u guys will be bored if i keep talking about this... so this about all of the reality tv shows that have end last wik and dis wik...

1. AF7

I love the fact that he won... He truly deserve the title... I hate the final actual... song selection was bad macam nangka busuk... Hafiz...!!!!!

2. Amazing Race

I've choose both of them since the beginning and they've won this... haha... so hapy, my perut gettin' bigger and bigger...

3.American Idol 8

perang suara mantap from both the finalist, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert... Both got the face and the voice but Adam is better... saya sokong Kris and coba teka sapa menang... Haha.. Kris Allen.. jom download lagu final, No Boundaries i think...

4.Survivor: Tocantins

Mun you'll oredy baca my previous post, i already stated 3 of my chosen survivors... one of them that i've rooted was J.T... again, my selected contestant won... is this my lucky seasons or wat...

from a cattle rancher to a millionaire... adus, realiti menampar pipi gebu I... bila gik mok kaya tok...?????

before: seorang yang blur.... one of the contestant that is very humble and always with a smile...

after: jutawan yg didampingi perempuan...
money - ada
personaliti - ada
rupa - hmmm... ada kot.. u decide it...
p/s - i love his smile (this is not a GAY statement)

udah gik I nak membebel tok... enuf for tonite... see u guys later... hahahahhaummm....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Suma pun dah abis... dinner pun dah... the only thing left is to finish up my thesis correction, jilid and then hantar to Dr. Awg... abis suda my chapter as an undergraduate... AF pun dah abis so congrates to Hafiz, I believe i can fly........

Gambar from my dinner sy x simpan so cannot la put it here but later I will upload in facebook and put the links here... hah... boring la...

after abis dinner malam jumaat, hari-hari yang mendatang bagaikan satu penyeksaan... yarabi eh... jiwang lalu... everyday felt longer and I have nothing to do.... so bored...

the only thing I've done was watching Angels and Demons last sunday and the movie was spectaculawesome... although the plot and the content adalah sangat berbeda if we compare it to the novel version... but a job well done to the director and the producer for making this movie such a wonderful one.... Tom Hanks my idol oso starring in this movie...

dis summer (padahal kat Malaysia tok senantiasa panas), banyak movie that wouldn't miss for the world... Star Trek last week, Night At The Museum 2 dis week, Harry Potter 6, Transformer 2, Terminator: Salvation and bebanyak lah lagi.. so I need to kumpul my money to watch everyone of it or at least beli dvd la... haha...

selain menonton cerita-cerita 'pemecah blok' musim panas ini, i've already planned to play some facebook games untuk mengisi masa lapang hamba ini... you know la, this will be a very boring holiday so need to enjoy it as much as possible.... haha...

wish me luck enjoying my holiday... so bored...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The End

Dah abis dah... xpat terimak the truth la.... rasa kosong jak my feelings now... yesterday was my presentation and things goes smoothly with some bumpy ones, just some la.... my 3 years as an undergraduate has end... my 'The End'... hahaha.... now, i just need to finish my sisa-sisa kehidupan with my friends.... later dis friday, there will be a dinner... a dinner for us and for our lecturers... this dinner is a gift cherished together... can't wait to be there... that will be my long waited 'The End'...

there are alot of 'The End' this wik... one of them was my favourite reality tv shows, the amazing race... and you now what, one of my chosen contestants actually won this season... yay...!!!!!

Tammy & Victor won... yay...!!!

and this saturday will one more 'The End'... 'The End' for akademi fantasia... hopefully Hafiz will won this season....

Afundi Hafiz...!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please click on the links below..

Any suggestions...????

Nex wik I will presenting my Final Year Project (FYP) follow by Biotech 69 farewell dinner... now i'm so confuse + tired + lazy to think what should i wear for both occasions... surely i will not buy new, expensive clothes... yet again i need to look at my very best... should i sacrifice money for looking good or save money and look simple..??? any suggestions..??? haha...

for the presentation, i will wear a green neck tie, a present given by my 'girlfriends'... my beloved miss Jessica 'under the umbrella' Isabella  and miss Kristine 'jangan tutup mata' Sandra.... may the chako be with both of u... hahaha... i think white long sleeves shirt will do...???? hmmm..???

nice kn the design..!!! hahaha... angkat bakul sendiri... our biotech farewell dinner will be organized by the student itself... so the ticket above was design by me... hehehe... hopefully the dinner will go on smoothly... amin..

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