Monday, February 22, 2010

Reality Shows Update...!!!

For Survivor: Heroes VS Villains,

The Heroes lose again for the 2nd reward/immunity challenge thus costing them a valuable player as one need to voted out... and the person voted was Stephanie LaGrossa from Palau and Guatemala (her previous season)... sorry, steph coz u gotta go... can't wait for next episode as one heroes goes out of spiral (particularly James) while the villains starts to hating each other (between Boston Rob, Coach and Russell, and of course between Jerri and Parvati)...

poor Stephanie, being voted out... y'all should kept her longer and voted out Rupert instead...

for the latest episode recap, click Survivor: Heroes VS Villains and to read the bio of Stephanie, click Stephanie LaGrossa...

For The Amazing Race 16,

In the 2nd episode, teams travel from Valparaiso to Puerto Varas, both in Chile... it was a smooth race for team, Jet and Cord as they won this league.. last leg winner, Jordan and Jeff have rough start, landed them on the 6th place... alliance between Joe and Heidi with lesbian couple, Carol and Brandy brush off other team aside, making them the most dislike teams in the pact...

After watching the 2nd episode, I've change my favourites... previous episode just an introductory episode for me... the 2nd episode shows me more info on what to expect from all of them... my latest favourites now are,

Jordan and Jeff
people may knew both of them from Big Brother

Brent and Caite
models and previously remembered for making a huge flub for Miss Teen USA

Jet and Cord
cowboys that people may underestimated them

The last team to arrive at the pitstop was,

Jodi and Shannon
Grandmother and Granddaughter

I'm already pumped out for next episode... can't wait for this week's episode... to read a full summary for the 2nd leg, click The Amazing Race 16 and to read the bio of Jodi and Shannon, click here...

Monday, February 15, 2010

A whole new season, a whole new adventures...!!!

I'm such a reality show freak minus the Malaysia singing competition (MyStarz LG and Mentor)... those shows are wateva.. but this two shows are my all-time favorites and has been deem as the best reality shows in our universe... haha, a recognition given by me and of course trillions of Survivor and Amazing Race fans out there...

and of course I've been mentioning both this shows as my favorites shows long before this post, i mean in my previous post of course... you guys may not feel it, my adrenalines are rushing like the falling water of Niagara Falls just by thinking the show... enough with all this talking and just proceed with my post...

Survivor: Heroes VS Villains

The past survivors that will be playing this electrified season...
standing from left: Coach, Courtney, Amanda, Rob, Cirie, Rupert, Stephanie, Colby, Tyson, Sugar, JT, Danielle, Sandra
sitting from left: James, Parvati, Russell, Candice, Tom, Jerri, Randy
Heroes in blue, Villains in red

Survivor: Heroes VS Villains kick in last week, I'm totally in love with the season opening episode... jaw dropping 1st challenge and the best cast ever... the best cast ever because all of them are past survivors that people recognize them as the most memorable survivor of all-time... based on past seasons performance and self-integrity, all of them are labeled into two different tribe, The Heroes and The Villains... both tribe will battle out with each other until one survivor won and claim the 1 million dollars...

my favourites are for heroes are Amanda, JT and Cirie while for Villains are Courtney, Rob and Parvati... the best thing about this season is all of them knows how to play this game very well... deception, lying, trust and teamwork are the main fundamentals to win this game and all of them got all of it... haha, looking forward for the best season ever...

p/s - Summary for 1st episode: Heroes won the 1st reward challenge, got two injuries and being topless in the process... Villains won the 1st immunity challenge, a very awesome comeback... Sugar, from Gabon (Season 17) was the 1st survivor voted out...

The Amazing Race 16

The contestent for TAR 16... the background city is Los Angeles, the starting point of the race...

TAR 16 is also one of my favorite, premiere yesterday and got to watch it today... yahoo...!!! not much to say as the race format is almost the same from the previous season... each of the team have different personality and that really making this race fun to watch...

this season, we have a granny with is granddaughter, detectives, lesbian couples, cowboys, miss america contestants.... it is quite early to choose favorites but based on the 1st episode, i have mine already... three teams that i'll be rooting: the green shirt (old lady with granddaughter), light blue shirts behind (long distance couples) and lesbian couples (sitting dark colour attire)...

p/s: update 1st episode: all of them fly from LA to Chile (some teams mistaken Chile with China, lol)... the light blue shirt team won, black couple (fat guy with wife) eliminated...

that enough for this week, can't wait for next week...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year...!!!

Wishing all of my Chinese friends,

"Happy Chinese New Year"

May this year become a prosperous year and bless with success and happiness....

the year of the tiger...!!!

p/s - This year i'm celebrating CNY here in Trengganu and trust me the celebration here is bored... less chinese people living hear at Tok Jembal... i wish dat i'm at Kuching now... loves to see the red firecrackers in front of houses, watching people and ourselves 'ngabang', hearing CNY songs at supermarkets, enjoying the explosive nights of colurful fireworks, watch the lion dance from one house to another, receive mandarin orange and a lot more.... hah~

Friday, February 12, 2010

M.I.M.P.I < Chapter 12 - Sidang Akhbar >

"Are you ready, son?" Tegur Datuk Khairy. Aidan terkejut dari lamunan. Dia sedang di mejanya apabila Datuk Khairy datang menegur.

"I'm ready, Datuk." Jawab Aidan. Dia segera mengemas mejanya dan bangun.

"Awak nak pergi mana ni? Our press conference is scheduled to start this afternoon. You looked very worried. Apa yang awak tengah fikirkan? Don't worry, awak cuma datang untuk teman saya je kat press conference tu." Kata Datuk Khairy sambil menepuk belakang Aidan. Aidan cuma mampu senyum sambil menahan malunya.

"Don't think too much. Concentrate on your work." Datuk Khairy berjalan balik ke biliknya.

Aidan duduk semula dan terus mencapai sebatang pensil. Dia seolah-olah sedang cuba mengingati sesuai.

"Hannah Hanan." Sebut Aidan sambil menulis nama itu di atas sekeping kertas. Tiba-tiba telefon Aidan berbunyi.

"Hello. Oh, Winnie. Kenapa kau call aku? Nak lepak malam ni? Kat mane? Ok set, nanti kau usha Daniel. Sekarang tak buat ape-ape lagi, petang nanti press conference tu. Ok, see you tonight." Aidan meletak telefon bimbitnya kembali ke atas meja. Kertas yang tercatit nama Hannah tadi dilipat dan disimpan ke dalam kocek bajunya. Jam menunjukkan pukul 11.00 pagi.


Aidan sedang berdiri keseorangan di lobi utama hotel Palace of The Golden Horses. Dia sedang menunggu kedatangan Datuk Khairy dan ahli-ahli konsultasi 'Project Paradise' yang akan menghadiri sidang akhbar terbuka kepada pihak wartawan.

"Ashraf Aidan! I dah agak dah akan jumpa you kat sini hari ini." Aidan menoleh ke belakang. Kelihatan Illy berjalan menuju ke arah Aidan.

"Illy? Apa you buat kat sini?" Tanya Aidan.

"Saya datang ni, just want to see you. I see you come prepare, with all the documents that you bring." Cakap Illy sambil tersenyum. Aidan juga turut tersenyum.

"Document ni semua Datuk Khairy yang suruh bawa. I'm just a humble assistant of Datuk Khairy." Jawab Aidan sambil mengangkat beg bimbit yang dibawanya.

"So the rumor was true. You will be directly involved with this huge project." Illy berkata. Aidan terkejut mendengar pernyataan Illy.

"Dari mana you dengar rumor tu?" Aidan bertanya kepada Illy.

"You know, I got my source." Jawab Illy sambil ketawa.

"By the way, you look beautiful today." Aidan memuji kecantikan Illy. Baju rekaan sendiri Illy amat sesuai dipakai oleh dirinya. Tiba-tiba Datuk Khairy datang menegur Aidan.

"Aidan, awak dah bersedia? The press conference would be start any minute now and who is this lovely women here? Ini mesti girlfriend awak." Datuk Khairy sempat bergurau dengan Aidan. Muka Aidan merah padam tanda malu.

"This is Illy Ilyas, my friend. Illy, this is Datuk Khairy, CEO of Khairy Kaharuddin." Kenal Aidan. Datuk Khairy menghulurkan tangan untuk bersalam dengan Illy.

"Illy Ilyas? Fashion designer yang terkenal di London tu? Wow, tak sangka awak kenal with this talented women. You know, my wife and my daughter really love your design. Kalau boleh, every collection from you, both of them nak beli." Kata Datuk Khairy. Illy senyum mendengar pujian Datuk Khairy.

"I ni taklah terkenal sangat but if Datin and your daughter really like my design, I can specially design some for them. This is my card." Illy menghulurkan sekeping kad kepada Datu Khairy.

"Thank you, Illy. Aidan, saya rasa kita patut masuk sekarang. Let's go." Datuk Khairy berjalan memasuki dewan diikuti Aidan dan Illy.

Aidan berjalan ke arah pentas di depan dewan. Kelihatan Datuk Khairy bersalaman dengan beberapa orang lagi yang berada di atas pentas. Aidan berjalan ke arah Datuk Khairy dan terus duduk disebelahnya. Di depannya terdapat banyak wartawan yang sedang giat mengambil gambar mereka yang berada dihadapan termasuk dirinya sendiri. Mata Aidan liar mencari Illy. Akhirnya, dia menjumpai Illy yang sedang duduk di penjuru belakang dewan.

"Thank you for coming. We will start our press conference now." Pengacara majlis diam sebentar. Semua wartawan dan para hadirin duduk mengambil tempat.

"I would like to call upon the project leader of 'Project Paradise', Datuk Zabry Zuhaili to tell us more on this national project." Semua para hadirin bertepuk tangan, mengundang Datuk Zabry untuk berucap. Datuk Zabry bangun dan menuju ke arah rostrum sambil senyum. Cahaya kamera memancar beberapa kali, menerangi pentas dewan tersebut.

"As we know, 'Project Paradise' is a mega project headed by the Malaysian Government in pursuing our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir vision which is Vision 2020. The main objective 'Project Paradise' is to construct and develop a smart system within a cybernetic city that emphasis on technology, education as well as environment. Here, we bring you the main people behind the implementation of this high-tech project, The Paradise Team. I, Datuk Zabry Zuhaili will act as the project leader and the direct link between this project with the government of Malaysia. Beside me, there are 5 more important people within this Paradise Team and I assure all of you that more people will be involved in this mega project, after we assess the project sites, costing and planning. Any questions?" Datuk Zabry menjelaskan dengan panjang lebar. Seorang lelaki mengangkat tangan.

"Datuk tadi ada menberitahu kami yang terdapat 5 orang penting dalam Paradise Team. Boleh tak Datuk memperkenalkan mereka kepada orang umum?"

"Of course. All of them are here. Datuk Khairy Kaharuddin will supervise on the urban development, architectural and planning, while Mr Chen Chung Chang, a Sarawak construction tycoon will manage on the construction for the project site. Mr Durgesh Danushan here will be monitoring our budget. We also have hired two international consultant that will give us their brilliant opinion and advise to make our project better and run smoothly. The first one is Mr Eugene Eisenhower, which is from USA and the second one is Benjamin Benzema from France." Sebaik sahaja, Datuk Zabry menyebut nama Benjamin, Aidan terkejut dan melihat sekeliling. Dia sedang mencari Benjamin namun lelaki perancis itu tidak kelihatan.

"I'm sorry for being late. I got some problem with the traffic just now." Tiba-tiba Benjamin muncul dari belakang dewan. Semua wartawan bergerak ke belakang dan mengambil gambar Benjamin. Benjamin berjalan ke depan pentas dan terus duduk disebelah Encik Eisenhower. Keadaan menjadi tenang semula. Semua wartawan tadi bergerak semula ke tempat masing-masing.

"I have several questions to ask." Seorang wanita berkaca mata dan bersanggul tiba-tiba bangun dan bergerak ke depan.

"What are your questions, miss?" Datuk Zabry menyoal wanita tersebut.

"Tirana, Miss Tia Tirana from the Metro Daily. My first question is why did you choose Datuk Khairy Kaharuddin? There's a lot more suitable people that have the capability in handling such a high profile project. I'm stating this based on the fact that Datuk Khairy's achievements and resume was not that impressive compare to others." Tia Tirana mengutarakan soalannya. Soalannya yang panas telah menegangkan suasana. Kedengaran beberapa orang wartawan berbisik sesama sendiri. Datuk Zabry hanya mampu diam.

"Maybe I should emphasis that Datuk Khairy is your brother-in-law and the status between both of you definitely, with no doubt effect your decision on choosing him rather than others." Pernyataan Tia Tirana itu membuatkan muka Datuk Zabry merah padam.

"Miss Tirana. The people in front of you here have been chosen because they have the effort and talent to do this job. We are professionals." Benjamin bersuara mempertahankan pemilihan Datuk Khairy.

"Talented? Professionals? I think not. Ok, that's all for my 1st question. Second question, the landslide accident last week. Is it really a natural accident or incompetence of the people at the site? 6 were killed on site and 2 more are still missing under the rubble or rocks and soils. Care to explain?" Tia Tirana mengujakan satu lagi soalan panas. Kali ini Encik Chang mengambil mikrofon yang berada di depannya.

"It is an accident. The heavy rain from the night before causing the soil to become lose causing landslide the next day. Don't you dare to mock my people as incompetence. I've lost 5 of my workers there too. I'm sorry for the lost but the accident can't be avoided." Encik Chang menjawab persoalan Tia Tirana.

"6 bodies was recovered from the landslide these past week, 5 were identified as your workers. The last body was one of the environmental officer and 2 more, also environmental officers are still missing." Belum sempat Tia Tirana menghabiskan soalan Encik Eisenhower pun bercakap.

"Our workers on site, with the help of local police are still looking for both of the missing person. Although the possibility of both of them still alive are very low but we will keep finding until we found any evidence indicating the other way around. Did I answered your question, Miss Tirana? If that's it, can we proceed with the video presentation of 'Project Paradise'? We're wasting our ample time arguing on speculated theory rather than facts here. Shall we?" Encik Eisenhower memberi isyarat kepada pengerusi majlis. Keadaan dewan menjadi gelap. Aidan melihat Tia Tirana bergerak keluar dari dewan. Sebaik sahaja Tia Tirana keluar, seorang lelaki datang mendekati Tia lalu menghulurnya sekeping sampul. Aidan mengenali lelaki tersebut. Pintu dewan pun tertutup.

"Razdan. Aku rasa lelaki itu tadi adalah Razdan." Kata Aidan dalam hati. Dia melihat ke arah skrin untuk menikmati persembahan video 'Project Paradise' namun fikiran memikirkan kejadian yang berlaku tadi.


Semua wartawan sudah mula bersurai selepas menikmati sedikit minum pagi. Aidan pula masih duduk di meja bersama Datu Khairy dan Paradise Team.

"So, Khairy. This is your young prodigy. Son of talented lawyer, Ariffin Ardan and his beautiful wife, Norlia Nasrul." Datuk Zabry bertanya kepada aidk iparnya.

"Yes, this is Ashraf Aidan. I totally forgot to introduce him to all of you." Datuk Khairy berkata. Encik Eisenhower cuma diam dan melihat Ashraf dengan tajam. Pandangan Encik Eisenhower ke atas dirinya membuatkan Aidan berasa takut dan bimbang.

"Where is Benjamin?" Tiba-tiba Encik Eisenhower bertanya.

"Last time I saw him, he was being interview by that Tirana girl. Then he went out with his fiancee and never come back." Kata Datuk Khairy.

"That reporter girl sure make me angry. I feel like I want to..." Belum sempat Encik Chang menghabiskan ayatnya, Encik Danushan memukul perlahan belakangnya.

"I think that's enough Mr Chang. Excuse me guys, I have an appointment after this. I have to go." Encik Danushan berjalan meninggalkan dewan. Pembantu Encik Eisenhower berjalan mendekati meja sambil membawa tongkat dan topi Encik Eisenhower.

"I think I will make a move also." Encik Eisenhower berdiri diikuti oleh Datuk Zabry, Datuk Khairy dan Encik Chang.

"Aidan, nanti kita jumpa kat office. Tolong bawa sekali document saya tu." Datuk Khairy memberi arahan kepada Aidan. Semasa Aidan sedang mengemas kertas-kertas dokumen yang berselerak di atas meja, dia menoleh ke arah pintu dewan.

Kelihatan Encik Eisenhower dan Datuk Zabry sedang berjalan beriringan, diikuti oleh Datuk Khairy yang sedang sibuk bercakap melalui telefon bimbitnya. Encik Chang pula sedang berjalan di belakang sekali. Namun, perkara yang dilihatnya selepas itu membuatkan diri Aidan terkejut. Dia mengosok matanya untuk mendapat kepastian.

"Betul ke apa yang aku nampak ni? Hannah?" Aidan bingung. Dia sekarang sedang melihat Hannah berjalan sambil menoleh ke arahnya di belakang Encik Chang. Hannha senyum ke arahnya. Dia melambai ke arah Aidan. Dengan pantas Aidan mengemas dokumen tersebut dan berlari mengejar Hannah. Hannah sudah berjalan keluar dari dewan.

Sebaik keluar dari dewan, Aidan terlanggar dengan seseorang. Dokumennya tadi jatuh berselerak. Hannah kini hilang dari pandangannya.

"Ini document 'Project Paradise'? Boleh saya temuramah awak?"

Aidan yang masih mencari-cari Hannah terkejut mendengar permintaan perempuan yang dilanggarnya tadi. Dia menoleh ke arah perempuan tersebut.

"Awak ni Tia Tirana kan?"

Coming Soon...!!!
Chapter 13 - Soal & Jawab

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Character Tree < M.I.M.P.I Synopsis 02 >

My current novel have a lot of characters... although there are a lot of small characters that may be not relevant to the main story arc which is the love story between Aidan, Hannah and Illy but those small characters will play an important role in the other story arc which will be name as the 'Project Paradise' story arc...

you guys may become confuse with all of the characters and what connects them to the main character, Ashraf Aidan... so I'm here to help all of you to understand more of the characters connection with each other... with this, I've construct the below character tree to visualize the current relations between the character (up to chapter 11)...

M.I.M.P.I character tree... click on the diagram above to enlarge...

besides the above connections, there are also some connections that cannot be put within the diagram, so I will be mentioning the relation here,
  • Jasmine Jannah with Illy Ilyas - Jasmine ordered Illy's design collections for her boutique
  • Ariffin Ardan Abdullah with Datuk Khairy Kaharuddin - Friends
  • Tia Tirana with Illy Ilyas - Tirana interview Illy on her accomplishment in London
I hope this will help all of you and sometimes me... Ok guys, its time for me to make the 2nd half of the chapter synopsis for the remaining 5 chapters of M.I.M.P.I... this will surely help you guys out there... hehe..

Synopsis for the 1st half, click here...

Chapter Seven

Aidan woke up from a very confusing dream by his niece. Later that day, He accompany his mother to help his sister-in-law at the boutique. While helping, Aidan met a very unexpected person. more

Chapter Eight

Aidan. Illy, Winnie, Daniel and Aina went picnic at Port Dickson. While on the beach, Aidan told Daniel that Illy already engaged with someone else. On the same, Illy shows her beautiful pink diamond engagement ring to Winnie, making Winnie more annoyed towards Illy. A mysterious guy came to the rescue when a sudden drowning accident occur at the beach. more

Chapter Nine

Three storyline that occur on the same time. First: Promise, Aidan wants Hannah to promise to him that she will come every night into his dream and teach him to fly within his own dream. Second: Yearn, Illy chat with Benjamin, telling him that her really miss his presence. A picture of her with Aidan from her old diary brings back the old flame between both of them. Third: Closer, the mysterious guy, Razdan talks through his cellphone with another person telling that person he is closer on pursuing their plan. more

Chapter Ten

A day at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Mr Ariffin and Mrs Norlia is sending Aina to further her study in UK, while Aidan will be picking up Winnie that will arrive from Penang. The first encounter between Aidan and Illy's fiancee when both Aidan and Winnie stumble upon Illy and Benjamin, her fiancee. more

Chapter Eleven

A sweet moment between Aidan and Hannah on a Samoa's beach during sunset turn into a moment of truth after Aidan seeks the reasons behind Hannah's appearance in his dream. more

Chapter Twelve - Sidang Akhbar

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i'm ...

i'm alone but later i will find love,
a person for me to love,
the most important feeling on earth is love,
till then i need to wait to be loved...

i'm busy but later i will be free,
running away i will break free,
as freedom can't be bought it's free,
till then i need to wait to be free...

i'm lost but later i will find my way,
every path is my possible way,
from this present to the future i will follow that way,
till then i need to just follow this way..

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