Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Interview: New addition... :D

This is an interview between the people (ppl) and Hafiz (me)

ppl: what is this new addition? can you tell us more?

me: this new addition is a new post that will be publish later after this... this series of new addition posts will be entitled "10 th!ng$ @b()ut..."...

ppl: what is this "10 th!ng$ @b()ut..." really is?

me: this new posts will be a new addition in my blog where I will write 10 things about my friends.... I have a lot of friends and I like to tell and share, to the world who they are...

ppl: so basically you will talk about 10 random things about your friends?

me: not random actual.... I will talked about 10 simple facts about my selected friends and this facts are all about who this person really are....

ppl: what do you meant by that?

me: this 10 things are things that make my friend special and unique for me... things that make me remember who there really are... things that make them themselves... I share a unique bond with my friend... although this bond is totally different than 'family ties' but this bond kept a lot of memories and teaching me the definition of life...

ppl: wow, that is awesome. you really share a very beautiful bond with all of them.

me: yes. this bond, I will like to call it as friendship... friendship is hard to find....

ppl: owh, friendship (duh..!!!). so, when will this post be publish and who is the lucky one to be choose first?

me: I will publish this post anytime soon... just wait...!!! and the lucky friend of mine is a secret for now but the only clue that I can reveal is, this person lately have contacted me... and during that moment, the inspiration of producing this new addition hit me..

ppl: ok, that is it for now. we wish you luck for your upcoming new addition and thank you for spending time, interviewed by us.

me: thank you... it has been my pleasure...

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