Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hiatus...!!!! Sorry guys... < M.I.M.P.I Synopsis 01 >

If y'all notice lately, my posts in my blog is almost about my new novel entitled M.I.M.P.I. Up until now, 6 chapters have been release for you guys to read and enjoy. I dunno how many people is reading my novel (it would be sad if none) but I hope y'all will be patience for 1 week or more as I will be a bit busy doing stuffs (exams and presentations)... Sorry again for the hiatus...

and for those who haven't read this new novel, you can just simply the below link to go to every chapter that already being publish... I also put some short synopsis below the link... do comment on the novel (chapters) so that I know there is people out there reading my writings and also to improve the story to be more better.... thank you...


Love is simple actually... Boy met girl, boy in love with girl, boy marry girl. but what if the boy can only met the girl in his dream... That is not an issue as it is only a dream but for the boy, the dream is not just an imaginations, it is far beyond reality... more

Chapter One

Every night is almost the same for Aidan. He will stay up late, working in his office cubicle just to finish up some presentations or reports.... But tonight, he will be doing something else... something unusual and out of this world... Can he accept and survive this bizarre night alone? more

Chapter Two

Aidan is confused. One moment he was in his office and now he is sitting on a bench in the middle of somewhere alien to him.... Is this paradise? Is he already dead? and who is this girl? Hannah? An angel perhaps? more

Chapter Three

Hannah bear four news that may change Aidan's life forever.... What are news all about? Will Aidan accept the changes that may occur in his life.... Again, who is Hannah? Is she a messenger that brings good and bad news to Aidan? more

Chapter Four

Aidan is going out with Illy Ilyas, one of his long lost friend from high school... Illy Ilyas is not a typical girl for Aidan as both of them used to share sweet moments together... What happen to the relation that they had created together? more

Chapter Five

Know Aidan from the perspective of his beloved family and trustworthy friends... Besides that, we can know better the background of Aidan's family as well the type of people that Aidan befriend with... more

Chapter Six

Hannah brings Aidan into the world of lucid dream where all things are possible even walking on the beach of the Samoa island.... Then Hannah gone deeper into Aidan's heart and Aidan thinks that Hannah went overboard by doing that... What will happen between Hannah and Aidan? more

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