Monday, October 5, 2009

Join eRepublik: Join eMalaysia...!!!

It might be YOU...!!!!

For those who want:
  1. to be in the history of a new republic, a new country as the future and the power to shape the new country is in your hand
  2. to live in another country other than Malaysia, and still be in Malaysia at the same time
  3. to become the workforce to generate the income and the economy of your country
  4. to work together with other citizens in your country
  5. to protect the country from the enemy that may harm the balance and harmony among your people
  6. to become a millionaire manager or a battle hero or a resistance leader or a media mogul or even the president of your country
this is your chance to show the world or at least the eRepublik that you are meant to be someone greater. the people of eMalaysia is waiting for someone with superior leadership to guide them towards a greater future or maybe with a little bit of ambitions, towards global dominance.

if you think that you are the right person to do this, click

p/s: eMalaysia already conquered eThailand, and the economy as well as the military stat of eMalaysia is still low, so please join to reinforce this...

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