Saturday, October 10, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: what i'm INTO now....!!!

an EXCLUSIVE revelation for all of YOU out there...!!! what i'm REALLY INTO now...!!! I like to share with everyone stuffs or practically EVERYTHING...!!! hobbies, interests, stories and sometime secrets (opps..!!!)... back in UNIMAS, my friend use to refer as a 'SEND TO MANY' kinda person... sorry la guys, coz this is my nature..

ok, back to our topic here... after this I will reveal my latest 'HOTS' and some explanation will accompany them so that you guys will not lost in translation... LOL...!!!! happy reading and enjoy...


currently I'm watching Heroes Season 4: Redemption, Survivor: Samoa and The Amazing Race 15.. my favourite show since high school (except for Heroes that started during my freshmen year in UNIMAS)... I watching this the same week as the US watching it... this can be done thanks to Yho and his ppstream software... THANK YOU...!!! for movies, because here is so lousy coz there's no cinema, my movie life is being halt until I'm back into civilisation...

until now already 3 leg with 3 teams already eliminated...
The Amazing Race 15 casts:
1st strip: Gary & Matt (1st in Vietnam, 2nd leg), Mika & Canaan
2nd strip: Meghan & Cheyene (Ist in Japan, 1st leg), Maria & Tiffany
3rd strip: Garret & Jessica (eliminated 2nd), Sam & Dan (gay brothers)
4th strip: Brian & Ericka, Eric & Lisa (eliminated 1st)
5th strip: Zev & Justin, Marcy & Ron (eliminated 3rd)
6th strip: Herb & Nate (1st in Vietnam, 3rd leg), Lance & Keri
*my favourites are highlighted above

I voted Survivor 20: Samoa casts as the most beautiful casts ever in the history of Survivor.
The cast of Survivor 20: Samoa
1st line from left: Ashley(FF), Monica(G), Brett(G), Natalie(FF), Jaison(FF), Russel H.(FF)-the most evil person in the history of Survivor, Marisa(FF)-1st eliminated
2nd line from left: Erik(G), Betsy(FF)-2nd eliminated, Mick(FF)-leader of FF, Yasmin(G)-4th eliminated, Dave(G), Laura(G), John(G), Russel S.(G)-leader of G, Kelly(G), Ben(FF)-3rd eliminated, Shannon(G)-known also as Shambo, Liz(FF), Mike(FF)-evicted due to health
as for now, 3 people have been voted out while 1 being evicted due to health and all form FF... Galu recent lose in the immunity have cost them their 1st elimination and the 4th elimination in this game updated until this week.. its still early but my favourites for now base on 1st impressions are highlighted above
*FF - Foa Foa and G - Galu


there are a lot music that I really really INTO now and all of this can be heard in Hitz.FM... thank to my favourite radio channel... below are among the songs and part of the lyrics that are always playing in my head... :D

All-American Rejects - I wanna
" I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you,
You wanna touch me too... "

Shakira - She Wolf
" S.O.S she is in disguise,
S.O.S she is in disguise,
There's a she wolf in disguise,
Coming out, Coming out, Coming out..."

Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk
" There's just one thing would make me say (Oh Yeah!!)
I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover,
I love you forever, but now its over... "

Pixie Lott - Mama Do
" What would my mama do (uh-oh-uh-oh)
If she knew bout me and you (uh-oh-uh-oh)
Oh, what would my daddy say (uh-oh-uh-oh)
If he saw me hurt this way (uh-oh-uh-oh) "

Starship Cobra - Good Girl Gone Bad
" I make them good girls go bad
I make them good girls go
Good girls go bad bad bad
Good girl go bad bad bad
Good girl go... "

Keri Hilson - Knock You Down
" Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down,
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down... "

actually there are many more but I'm so tired listing all of them... hah... later I post up more on this topic.. hehe...


for now I'm playing Mafia Wars (level 163), Sorority Life (level 20) and eRepublik (level 5)... games really helping me to fill up my time... you guys should try to play any games to lower your stress level... Mafia Wars and Sorority life is available in Facebook while eRepublik can be found here...


others...??? isn't this very obvious... I'm into BLOGGING right at the moment... providing something for you guys to read and me to be occupied... a very nobel action... haha... and of course spending my time online and Facebook... I can't live without Facebook, NOT...!!!!

that's all for now... I'm so pumped up to do this, I've lost tracked of time and its already late... I'm also so tired and out of idea right now... LATERS...!!!!

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