Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saya punya 'Ramadhan Craving'

This is my 2nd time puasa here in Trengganu and i found it fascinating as the foods especially the kuih are totally different... there's one food called sira with a lot of rendition like sira pisang, sira ubi or watever la.. and there's murtabak but here people eat it with onion + vineger... i would not forget akok, a specialty kuih of Trengganu... all this foods really making me lapar.. damn..

but this post is not about the Trengganu food that i found abundant thus bored me everytime i go to bazaar.. that one that hard to found, that's the one that intrigue me more... the more higher the rarity, the more i craved on it.. its kinda like pokemon, except you eat the food and the food doesn't fight each other...

so back to the accident that i've experience last year.. i've miss my early flight back to Sarawak... without any choices, i've stayed in Sunway with my cousin.. there are NO Sarawak delicacies and i was CRAVING A LOT on them..!! damn, i was like so emotional that time, haha... so you can say that, this is my craving that i've been keeping for the last 2 years.. wow, dats long..

clockwise: 1.celorot - a long cylindrical, narrow ended kueh, 2.bubur pedas - a compilation of veggies, meat, and spice, 3. laksa sarawak - most famous delicacy in Swk, 4.bongkol - a sweet kueh wrapped in leafy thingy..

the picture above are the 4 most craved Sarawak food that i've been drooling for months.. i would like to munch my way towards the ecstasy on eating all of them.. yummy..!!! haha... so this is my 'Ramadhan Craving'... wats yours..??

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Nono Fara said...

kmk pun rindu bubur pedas :(

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