Thursday, August 19, 2010

OMG..!!! Justin Bieber keeps haunting me..!!!

While entering Restaurant City in Facebook, a new page sprang up and caught my attention.. wow, new stuffs in Restaurant City and it is Sports Week.. lots of new stuffs... yay...!!!

wow, Ricotta..!! a singer in my restaurant... would love to have one.. eh, who's dat besides her..??

a reincarnation of Justin Bieber in Restaurant City...!!!

lol, hear this kid.. can you please One Time, not be anywhere in front of me and don't you Eenie Meenie me... btw, your RC avatar looks very annoying , like you and damn u'r expensive to buy...

oh, so Ricotta is Rihanna la.. thank god there's no Lady Gaga or she'll be Lady Gago instead... haha


erinulat said...

belagu mena ka sidak sia? Hahhaa

Al-Hafyz said...

haha, sik la berlagu bena2.. juz terkenjit2 jak.. haha, ala-ala hiasan bah..

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