Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday was FUN...!!!

nothing much actually, just watching 2012 at MBO and that was a blast coz the movie was good and I enjoy going out Kuching with my cuz... the Spring was packed with people and cats yesterday, yes I mean pusak... LOL.. the pusak was so adorable and fluffy... my personal favourite was the less-furred cats, the Scottish Fold... cute when the cat fold its ears...

and about the movie, I totally like the movie... 2012 was living its hype and my expectations for the mass destructions... love the earthquakes, building tumbling-down, volcanoes erupting, mega tsunamis and a lot more but I'm not wishing all of those happening in the near future... I'm not ready for that... 2012 is worth watching but don't expect high coz the storyline was predictable and too happy ending...

and I want to mention one more thing, last weekend I went with Aman, Kayroon and Eyda... the outing was very memorable... like the good old days... we went out and watch movie at the MBO, Pisau Cukur, a Malaysian movie.... the movie was nice... later that night, we went to Planet Sambal.... hopefully, I can go out with my other friends, Imran, Zena, JC, Farhan, Kris, Steve... Huhuhu...

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