Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's learn Bahasa Sarawak... 'pa polah?'

'pa polah?' is a term use by most Sarawakian guys in a pathetic attempt to flirting with gorgeous, vivacious, lovely Sarawakian best-kept beauty, the dara sunti from the Land of the Hornbill. The flirtatious term of 'pa polah' can also be imply to the engaged and married women of Sarawak, not to play kinky love with them but a straight-forward question, sincere from the bottom of the heart. 'pa polah?' or in western tongue, 'What you doing?' is just a simple word with different definitions define by different peoples. As some people say, beauty is up to the eye of the beholder.

'pa polah?' is also a question ask by most people, from whoever to whoever that may be seen as an intention of rekindle the invisible thread that connects us, an invisible thread that is known as bond. Only using two words join together and we can socialize with almost everyone to an extend of becoming one of our acquaintance in our social circle.

People that are using 'pa polah?' can be range from young children to the mature adults to the ancient old folks and every age range will constitute different usage of the words, used at different occasions and time. For example:
  • Young kids - 'pa polah?' for the childrem will may sound a bit jittery or excited. They will most probable used 'pa polah?' when asking the elderly that may resulting them going to out to the parks or McDonald's.
  • Teenagers or young adults - the usage of 'pa polah' for this kind of people can be divided into two different used. For the male young adults, 'pa polah?' will be sound a bit flirty (lanji) and may be used as an inducer for the male pheromone to kick in the action. For the female young adults, 'pa polah?' is a sign sexual dominance over the male counterpart where the function of 'pa polah?' is merely use to take control of the relationship, for their self benefits.
  • Adults - the functionality is the same with the young adults with a little addition of maturity and responsibility. For adults, 'pa polah?' brings a vetoed power towards their younglings.
That's all for now. Come back again next time for more Bahasa Sarawak...!!!

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zena said...

kan mksd nya 'wat r u doing' ka?hahahha...simple jak ya piz...

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