Thursday, December 17, 2009

OH TIDAK...!!! Is this my LUCK...???

OH TIDAK...!!!

what should this happen to me..?? is this my luck..?? Trengganu, Oh Trengganu..!! Kenapa takde cinema..?? One of my crucial part of my life is missing since I been here.. My very self is not complete without a cinema or even a simple DVD stall... seriously, I'm not complete without... (=__=)

Farhan really make me jealous la coz he already watch one of the most anticipated movies for me to watch this year... The movie was Avatar, should be premiere today but I don't have the chance on watching this at the cinema.... huhuhu...

bak kata status Facebook Farhan: AVATAR is a phenomenon!!~~The visuals in this piece was groundbreaking.By far the sharpest CGI I have seen.This is a must see movie, innovative and extraordinary!!...(WATCHED THE PREMERE LAST NIGHT) --> to comment, click here..

This is the promotional poster for AVATAR... I WANT TO WATCH THIS BADLY...!!!

I'am really a sucker for movies and AVATAR will really fill my empty heart for the end of the year... I know, last month was great with all of the movies I watched but to end 2009 with a blast I really deserve to watch this movie... the plot line for this movie is awesome and nice... besides that, the CGI will of course awe everyone (40% live action, 60% photo-realistic CGI).. if there's a cinema near we, I wouldn't miss the world watching this, gluing my face to the screen and fixing my butt to the comfort cinema seat... --> to read the synopsis, click here... (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

besides the storyline, one more thing making me attracted to watch this is because of the actor... the main character for this movie is Sam Worthington, one of my favourite actor... you may not remember him but he is one of the hottest actor this year... by hot, I mean 'LAKU' coz this year and the future he got a lot of good movies to offer us... still remember Marcus Wright from Terminator Salvation (T4), Sam Worthington definitely portrayed the character well... can't wait to see his performances in AVATAR... he will be playing the role of Jake Sully... one of the lead character... --> to read more on Sam Worthington, click here...

the transformation of Jake Sully, a human into one of the indigenous tribe of Na'vi of planet Pandora

congratulations to James Cameroon for producing such a high inspiring, high tech and high quality movie for me to enjoy... not just for me but for all of us... and congratz also to Sam Worthington for able to become one of the lead character in this movie... can't wait for the next biggest blockbuster from this young Australian actor....

26 Mac 2009...!!! I think I can watch this at the cinema... LOL

Sam Worthington as Perseus...!!! let's ROCK the world of titan with this movie...!!!


Dosz said...

best gk bodyguards and assasins... haha

Al-Hafyz said...

aku layan semua cerita bah... tapi tok aku dah idamkan since terminator keluar dolok...

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