Monday, December 21, 2009

bored of proposal... huh~~

very very very BORED OF PROPOSAL... huh~~

pack ur stuffs,
we off to the beach..


a very bad result in superimposing pictures.... buek :P

everyday facing the computer,
better enjoying the wide, blue sea..

the three shaolin apprentices... LOL :D

out of ideas and words,
just sit back and relax..

awesome feeling being hugged by sea breezes and calm by the blue sea.. Hmm (^_^)

complications & worried,
throw it away to the vast open sea..

future..?? money..?? love..?? master project...??

stop thinking,
set your mind free..

1 comment:

fza said...

hey dont pollute the sea with ur complications and worried. u're gonna make the fishes hate you :p

just kidding ;)

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