Saturday, December 12, 2009

my 100th post...!!!! *statistic mode

this is my 100th post for my blog...!!! congratulation to me, tahniah diucapkan...!!! tak terasa but I have blogging for almost a year now... next month will be my 1st anniversary blogging... a year is very a long period of time...

I didn't just magically start my blog just like dat and I want to make one thing straight, I'm not born to blog... but I would to thank my peers that encourage me to blog coz they said that I got some talent... I will not admit that I got talent but I really got the passion to write something (crap or not crap) that can be shared with others... thanks again to Iggy, Kris, Jc and Farhan... they are the people who really start up on this project of mine...

I really don't have the main theme for my blog... this is not a lifestyle blog or a funny blog or a blog full with drama but I can simply summarize my blog as myself... I project myself within my blog... If I'm happy, sad, homesick or interested with something, you can read it straight from my blog... every post in my blog have the very essence of me.... the Hafiz's essences... LOL

this week and the upcoming week, I would be busy playing with statistics so I don't have the time spend with my beloved blog.... sorry guys... for that same reason, M.I.M.P.I will also be postpone until further notice...

for now, to spend my lunch time before class... I would like to run a simple statistic on my blog... hope u guys enjoy it...!!!
  1. My 1st blog - 11 January 2009, 'Spread The News... ASAP...!!!!'
  2. Profile view - 210 (approximate)
  3. Blog I follow - 34 blog
  4. Followers - 23 followers
  5. Number of labels (tags) - 25 labels
  6. Label with the most post - 'Hafizology in Self-Discovery' - 24 posts
  7. Label with the least post - 'Hafizology in Education and Learning' and 'Hafizology in Health and Medicine' - 1 post each
  8. Month with the most post - October 2009 - 24 posts
  9. Month with the least post - August 2009 - 2 posts
  10. Post with the most comment - 'Perfect Match...' - 7 comments
  11. Number of layout use so far - 3 layouts
  12. Actual days on Blogger - 335 days or 11 month 1 day (one more month to my blog birthday...!!)
Enuff with all the facts above... later my head go kabloeey!!! thinking more and more stats... ciao...!!!

1 comment:

Dosz said...

nang banyak posting. gilaaa. haa congrats btw! it's a milestone!

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