Tuesday, December 22, 2009


while doing my master project proposal, I stumble upon this book... a lot of memories while finishing this last time... just early this year, I was struggling to do this and now at the end of 2009, yet another obstacle for me to hurdle past...

the reason I'm posting this is because of my acknowledgement for my degree FYP... people will be puking all over after reading my acknowledgement... LOL

so I want to share with all of you my acknowlegdement... hahaha... enjoy...

the written testament for my victory achieved during my degree... yeah rite...!! LOL

" Praise to the God Almighty for giving me the energy and the opportunity to complete my final year project this year. With the completion of this report, I have finish my project which is one of the requirement for me to acquire my degree. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Lesley Maurice Bilung for helping me in every steps of completing my research. Your guidance and wisdom have prepared me in overcoming every obstacle that I have encountered during my period of time doing this research. I would also like to thank Prof Madya Dr Kasing Apun and Dr Awang Ahmad Salehin in providing information and support for me to enhance and finish my research project throughout this final year.

For my beloved family, without your undying support and encouragement, I would not have finished my final year project. With supports emotionally, physically and financially, my family were always being there for me in every problems that I have overcame and every success that I have gained. The completion of this research is a written testament, a sign of victory not just for me but also for every members of my family.

Last but not least, I would also like to express my gratitude to my colleagues and friends that have been helping me directly and indirectly. Both of us have face every wave of challenge that have came upon us. With true meaning of friendship and unparallel support, we have survived and prevailed. I will not forget every helping hand that all of you have lend, every idea that all of you have pitch in and every power that all of you have energized, as that was the very essence in propelling me towards the completion of this research project and report."

what do you think..??? too lousy is it...?? LOL

wish me luck for my presentation tomorrow....

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