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My current novel have a lot of characters... although there are a lot of small characters that may be not relevant to the main story arc which is the love story between Aidan, Hannah and Illy but those small characters will play an important role in the other story arc which will be name as the 'Project Paradise' story arc...

you guys may become confuse with all of the characters and what connects them to the main character, Ashraf Aidan... so I'm here to help all of you to understand more of the characters connection with each other... with this, I've construct the below character tree to visualize the current relations between the character (up to chapter 11)...

M.I.M.P.I character tree... click on the diagram above to enlarge...

besides the above connections, there are also some connections that cannot be put within the diagram, so I will be mentioning the relation here,
  • Jasmine Jannah with Illy Ilyas - Jasmine ordered Illy's design collections for her boutique
  • Ariffin Ardan Abdullah with Datuk Khairy Kaharuddin - Friends
  • Tia Tirana with Illy Ilyas - Tirana interview Illy on her accomplishment in London
I hope this will help all of you and sometimes me... Ok guys, its time for me to make the 2nd half of the chapter synopsis for the remaining 5 chapters of M.I.M.P.I... this will surely help you guys out there... hehe..

Synopsis for the 1st half, click here...

Chapter Seven

Aidan woke up from a very confusing dream by his niece. Later that day, He accompany his mother to help his sister-in-law at the boutique. While helping, Aidan met a very unexpected person. more

Chapter Eight

Aidan. Illy, Winnie, Daniel and Aina went picnic at Port Dickson. While on the beach, Aidan told Daniel that Illy already engaged with someone else. On the same, Illy shows her beautiful pink diamond engagement ring to Winnie, making Winnie more annoyed towards Illy. A mysterious guy came to the rescue when a sudden drowning accident occur at the beach. more

Chapter Nine

Three storyline that occur on the same time. First: Promise, Aidan wants Hannah to promise to him that she will come every night into his dream and teach him to fly within his own dream. Second: Yearn, Illy chat with Benjamin, telling him that her really miss his presence. A picture of her with Aidan from her old diary brings back the old flame between both of them. Third: Closer, the mysterious guy, Razdan talks through his cellphone with another person telling that person he is closer on pursuing their plan. more

Chapter Ten

A day at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Mr Ariffin and Mrs Norlia is sending Aina to further her study in UK, while Aidan will be picking up Winnie that will arrive from Penang. The first encounter between Aidan and Illy's fiancee when both Aidan and Winnie stumble upon Illy and Benjamin, her fiancee. more

Chapter Eleven

A sweet moment between Aidan and Hannah on a Samoa's beach during sunset turn into a moment of truth after Aidan seeks the reasons behind Hannah's appearance in his dream. more

Chapter Twelve - Sidang Akhbar

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