Monday, February 22, 2010

Reality Shows Update...!!!

For Survivor: Heroes VS Villains,

The Heroes lose again for the 2nd reward/immunity challenge thus costing them a valuable player as one need to voted out... and the person voted was Stephanie LaGrossa from Palau and Guatemala (her previous season)... sorry, steph coz u gotta go... can't wait for next episode as one heroes goes out of spiral (particularly James) while the villains starts to hating each other (between Boston Rob, Coach and Russell, and of course between Jerri and Parvati)...

poor Stephanie, being voted out... y'all should kept her longer and voted out Rupert instead...

for the latest episode recap, click Survivor: Heroes VS Villains and to read the bio of Stephanie, click Stephanie LaGrossa...

For The Amazing Race 16,

In the 2nd episode, teams travel from Valparaiso to Puerto Varas, both in Chile... it was a smooth race for team, Jet and Cord as they won this league.. last leg winner, Jordan and Jeff have rough start, landed them on the 6th place... alliance between Joe and Heidi with lesbian couple, Carol and Brandy brush off other team aside, making them the most dislike teams in the pact...

After watching the 2nd episode, I've change my favourites... previous episode just an introductory episode for me... the 2nd episode shows me more info on what to expect from all of them... my latest favourites now are,

Jordan and Jeff
people may knew both of them from Big Brother

Brent and Caite
models and previously remembered for making a huge flub for Miss Teen USA

Jet and Cord
cowboys that people may underestimated them

The last team to arrive at the pitstop was,

Jodi and Shannon
Grandmother and Granddaughter

I'm already pumped out for next episode... can't wait for this week's episode... to read a full summary for the 2nd leg, click The Amazing Race 16 and to read the bio of Jodi and Shannon, click here...

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