Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Наконец, я сделал это

Наконец, я сделал это...

i've have reach to Waterfall No.7 today. An 
accomplishment that is very hard for me to do it by myself. Thanks alot 
to all of you that have walk, climb, slide and hike our way through the tormented trail of almost 90 degress slope, slippery rocks, muddy flat soil and watever that may hindered our journey for relaxation.

Наконец, я сделал это...

as we arrive at the waterfall, we were astound by the beauty that is far from my ima
gination. what a truly magnificent place this is. before i saw the w
aterfall, i could here the splashing sound of the waterfall. a sound that brings the ultimate 
reward for us. every steps bring us closer to
the Shangri-La.

Наконец, я сделал это...

a place like no other. Наконец, я сделал это, when will you...???

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