Saturday, March 7, 2009

Faccio Che Cosa

it is all about me.... it is always about me.... nothing in this world is as much important than myself... i'm a hypocritical, abdominal, obnoxiously person that only thinks for his own privilage first than others later....

which may benefit me more, give an advantage to me... than i will do that.... Faccio Che Cosa.... that's my priority enactment that i've already sorted out throughout my 21 years of living in this world.... Faccio Che Cosa...  that's my foundation of my believes that i've been practicing as long as i can remember... Faccio Che Cosa.... that's the output that i've been giving to retrieve some input for myself from any receiver that may concern....

there no harm on what i've done as Faccio Che Cosa.... Faccio Che Cosa so be it...!!!!

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