Wednesday, May 27, 2009


nang aku suka polah title blog dengan tanda seru... ini membuatkan title itu more dramatic than usual... hahaha... today i've decided to publish some quotes that i've extracted from movies and dramas... walaupun sik la 100% sama, that is the best that i can do... haha...

the quotes that i've choose below have meanings yang really really mendalam for me so try to understand all of them using your own understanding...

1. Dirty Sexy Money (Season 1, Ep. 4) -tv drama-

" There is a line from my heart through yours to the center of the earth. Both of us will never be apart "
Nick George

" I like looking at stars. Although it felt hot and exploding, I also feel safe and exciting. That is how I feel around you "
Jeremy Darling

2. Fullmetal Alchemist -anime-

" I hope that this rain will wash my despair away "
Edward Elric

3. Leverages (Season 1, Ep. 2) -tv drama-

" The world doesn't work like this, so change the world "
Nathan Ford

4. House (Season 5, Ep. ?) -tv drama-

" You inconvenient me, so I inconvenient you "
Dr. Gregory House

5. Dante's Peak (1997) -movie-

" It is just like riding a bicycle. Once you learn it, you will never forget "
Harry Dalton

6. 90210 (Season 1, Ep. ?) -tv drama-

" Every moments are next to every possible moments as moments are never disconnected "
Annie Wilson

7. Picking Up & Dropping Off (2003) -movie-

" Love doesn't always come on time "

" Love will not always found in between two lines "

8. The Advanture of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D (2005) -movie-

" Dream a better dream and work to make it real "

" When a dream become a reality, a reality become a dream "

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