Friday, May 14, 2010

down the memory lane

yesterday, i went back to my old highschool, Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang... my last visit to my school was in 2007, 3 years ago... the moment my bro drive past thru the nyonya stall in front of the entrance, i was very shocked and in awed, seeing all the changes and development that have struck my school... with the addition of new building and different layout, kolej is remodeled into a spectacular school with new infrastructure... goodbye to the old school design (my school was established before the Japan occupation, so you guys do the math on how old is my school) that still lingers within my memories...

the atmosphere in KTDTHB doesn't change.... just being here in the compound making me feel smart...

the new basketball court and the student playing is much more than the last time we played it, 6 years ago..

i did took some pictures but the pictures were not enuf to show you guys the new facelift that have been done kolej.... maybe next time... but i was having fun meeting my old friends, Hyrazee and Hidzwan... both are die-hard basketball player and that was the very reason i was there with my bro... they played at the new kolej basketball court but we totally missed our old one, near the assembly hall... a lot of nostalgic memories happen on that court, particularly the establishment of Bingai-Bingai Basketball, our own basketball team... sorry guys, but i kinda retired on playing the game fulltime, just played for fun now i guess... i wish that one day we all can meet together and play one more enjoyable game together... lol

my pastime once upon a time ago... my bro, Hidzwan and his bro and also Hyrazee is on the court...

that's all... today i'm waiting for my cuz, Addy to come a spend the weekend together... tata

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